Tips Travel Destinations

travel destinationGlobetrotting for some is more than just a way of refreshing oneself. In fact, it’s more like an obsession. With every break, ardent travelers who wish to discover new things across the globe are always on the lookout to visit new places to unearth the beauty of nature. Here is a compilation of the top ten travel destinations (in random order) that you can consider for planning a fun-filled holiday.

This is one hot spot for travelers. This paradise on Earth needs no introduction and has a plethora of ocean life waiting to be explored. From the various species of sharks to the beautiful coastlines, Mauritius has much more in store for the avid tourist. White beaches, salty air, beautiful coral reefs, and loads of activities targeted for tourists are one of the few reasons why this place is most visited by the people all across the globe.

This is another travel destination that ranks high on the list of beach lovers. This country is known worldwide for its pristine beauty and gorgeous white beaches. This place has some

beautiful Waterfalls of the World

beautiful waterfallDid You Know?
Iligan City, located in the Province of Lanao del Norte, Philippines, is sometimes called the City of Majestic Waterfalls because of the numerous waterfalls situated in the area. There are around 23 waterfalls in and around Iligan, Maria. Cristina Falls is the most popular amongst them.

Waterfalls have long been a subject of great interest for nature enthusiasts. A waterfall is formed when the flowing water of the river falls steeply over a cliff or an area that is steep in nature. This flowing water generally falls a long distance and with a great amount of force. Depending on how they flow when they fall from an elevated height, waterfalls are classified into different types. These are, cascade, plunge, horsetail, fan, and segmented. Not only are these waterfall intriguing geographical features, they’re also places of great tourism value, some even declared as World Heritage Sites. Here, we take you on a journey to virtually visit the best!

Famous Waterfalls Around the World

Angel Falls

The Angel Falls, named after its discoverer James

Best Hotels in Edmonton at an Affordable Rate

best hotelIf you are an avid traveler, it is highly likely that Edmonton, Canada is one of your regular haunts. The city is one of the most important business, cultural and art centers in North America. In fact, it is now christened Canada’s Festival City and boasts world-class attractions. From the amazing festivals, five-star restaurants in the world and outdoor fun along the North Saskatchewan River, there is something here for everyone.

Accommodation to Enjoy for More Fun

Whether on business or leisure, you must book the best hotels in Edmonton because millions of visitors troop to this destination throughout the year. While travelling, you appreciate that the place you stay greatly determines how much fun you are going to juice from a destination. Your hotel offers easy access to venues such as the Commonwealth Stadium for top-class concerts, West Edmonton Park for a shopping experience of your life and much more. With the right choice, you are able to see and do more.

Booking Tips for Affordable Rates

Well, there might be millions

Escape to These Best Surfing Spots

Did You Know?
Corona del Mar, California, is the place where the first ever official surfing competition was held in, 1928.
Surfing is a very popular adventure sport. It needs lots of practice and patience to perfect the art of surfing. There are two types of surfing: short boarding and long boarding. Short boarding is considered to be more difficult, as it needs more effort to maneuver the surfboard.

Surfing originated some three to four thousand years back in Western Polynesia, and has evolved a lot since then. It was first brought to California by George Freeth.

Surfing is a year-round sport and not just a summer activity. If you are one of those who has adrenaline rushing at the thought of riding the waves, then you are at the right place. Here, we have complied a list of the top ten surfing spots in the world. Grab your surfing board, pack your wet-suit, and get ready to hit the shores.

Best Surfing Beaches in the World
Note: As with any top ten list, it is impossible to list the top ten surfing spots without missing out on a few names. The ones listed here are as per the

Tips for Finding a Travel Companion

Putting up something as heavy as the philosophy mentioned above does exert undue pressure on you, doesn’t it? Those who are travelers at heart don’t really mind jet-setting anywhere by themselves, but there are times (work pressures, heartbreaks, etc.) when you know you’d love it better with a little company.

Which is what gets us where we are. So, how does one nail the right travel companion? Is it just sheer luck? Or just an endless ordeal involving trial and error? Well, it’s a bit of both, actually. But you can better your chances by reading what follows.
How do you find a companion?
The obvious choice is to pick one among people you already know. This includes the usual―relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

If for some reason, none of these make the cut, you do have the choice to pick your partner(s) online. There are specific websites dedicated to the cause, like travel buddies, which help you get in touch with like-minded travel partners. Mind you, opt for this only if you have absolutely no qualms with taking a trip with strangers. Well-known forums such as those on Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet may also be of help.
And how do you

Tips Destinations in Singapore

Singapore is a Buddhist-majority state, with Muslims, Christians, and Hindus being the other major dominant religions. This versatility makes it a culturally diverse country, that appeals to most tourists around the world. Singapore also earns brownie points because of the fact that English, which is one of its four official languages, is widely spoken and understood around the country. Singapore has a thriving economy, and many international brands have their presence there, earning it the sobriquet ‘Shopping Capital of Asia’. All in all, Singapore has numerous tourist attractions, which can appeal to everyone from a laid-back backpacker to somebody on a business trip with some time on his hands. Here’s our take on Singapore’s top ten tourist destinations.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists and local visitors alike. The scale and grandeur of the place makes it one of the best places to visit, for people not only in Singapore, but from all over the world. The thing that appeals to most tourists is the fact that Marina Bay offers several attractions within its vicinity.

Marina Bay Sands

You can check in at the famous Marina Bay Sands resort, from whose

Sydney Attractions and Beauty

Australia is one of the most fantastic places on this earth with some of the most amazing panoramic locations and beaches. Visiting Sydney is once in the lifetime dream of any traveler around the world but with economical and discounted flights to Sydney, their dreams coming true.

The city no doubts appear in the list of the livable cities in the world. You are planning a holiday to Sydney to experience the incredible allure and not getting the exact information about the flights to Sydney or other details. We recommend you to read out the below information for their conveniences.

There are several flights available from London to Sydney from the Heath-row International airport. Owing to the sheer distance between London and Sydney, there are no direct flights between the two cities. On the other hand, one can go for hopping flights, many of which halt in exotic Far East destinations. For instance, Qantas halts in Singapore and Bangkok, while British Airways and Virgin Atlantic halt in Bangkok and Hong Kong respectively. Therefore, any person visiting Sydney can take out a couple of nights for unwinding in these exhilarating cities. Other all the rage airlines offering

Tips Travel in Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran is a must visit destination in Bali with its beautiful coastlines, beaches and seafood dinners. For the traveler to Jimbaran, the best way to relax is to enjoy the local beaches. But, this isn’t only a destination to relax, lay and swim on the beach; there are also plenty of other attractions that aren’t too far away. Here are five of the popular things to do in Jimbaran.

Uluwatu Temple

One of Bali’s most iconic landmarks is the Uluwatu Temple (also called Pura Luhur Uluwatu) which helps to create a stunning setting that is surrounded by coastal forest and inhabited by the long-tailed macaques. This is also a great destination for those that want to experience the wonder of Bali’s dramatic sunsets. Other great attractions in the local area include the open amphitheatre that is just 100 meters from the temple and is a perfect spot to admire the fire dance performances that take place on a daily basis.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park covers an area of nearly 250 hectares and is an open-air and multi-purpose site. There are plenty of exhibits and cultural performances to visit throughout

Tips for Travelling Responsibly

ravelling can be a costly business. Sometimes your money just doesn’t stretch far enough and you need to resort to desperate measures in order to finance your trip. There are some simple things that you can do in order to keep costs down that will also help to protect the local people and their businesses from some of the more depressing side effects that the tourism industry can bring to the local communities.

With this in mind we have produced our 5 top tips for travelling responsibly some examples of how you can keep costs down in the process. So lets get started…

Buy Local Products From Local Shops

Why are you travelling? Most likely to experience something new or to get away from the drools of day to day life. So why do we always end up eating in the same places that we do at home? No matter where you are in the world you are always likely to run into a McDonald’s or Burger King around every street corner.

No matter if it’s food, souvenirs, medicine or even diapers for the little one. Always try to buy from the local shop

Tropical Island Vacation Destinations

Spectacular sunsets, golden beaches, palm fronds swaying in the breeze, aquamarine waters, glorious sunshine; a tropical island vacation can be all that and more. So, if you are looking for tips on choosing a destination, here are a few options for you to check out.

The Maldives

If taking long walks on a serene beach, snorkeling in the blue crystal clear waters, swimming and relaxing in the comfort of a luxury hut in an island resort are your ideas of bliss, then Maldives is just the right place for you. Situated in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives comprises a group of islands. Regarded as the flattest islands on the planet with less than 10 percent of the whole area being land, only 200 of its 1100 islands are inhabited. Out of these, 87 are owned by private resorts. Apart from exploring the beach and relaxing luxuriously, you can make a trip to Male, the capital of the Maldives and check out the city mosque and local market for a flavor of their lifestyle. You can also rent a ‘Dhoni’, a traditional type of fishing boat, and take a trip around the island, or get

Tips Places of Travelling in the Maldives

Indeed. With the Maldives on your mind, you can almost start adding a tune to the beautiful lines penned by Longfellow. Long touted as a premium honeymoon destination, these islands always charmed visitors with their jaw-dropping scenic beauty. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy long walks on white sandy beaches, and sunbathe languorously in the tropical sunshine.

That apart, the Maldives has a lot more to offer than your average island―it is home to some of the most luxurious resorts and spas, not to mention the famed undersea restaurants. Going beyond the obvious, it also has a forest full of tropical plantations, and even a Cold War era RAF base. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the best places to vacation in the Maldives, and just be mesmerized!

Interesting Places to Visit in the Maldives


Malé’s Skyline

When you come to the Maldives, you’ll be landing here in Malé, in all probability. Take time out to enjoy this gorgeous little island, that is considered to be one of the smallest capital cities, with regard to size. This is also perhaps the only place in the Maldives where there is a lot to do and see,

Tips Finding Car and Enjoy Your Road Trip

As the time is proceeding continuously, several changes have occurred. With this stream, the traveling also flows. Within the few years, it has been considered as the leisure more than the requisite. Either you are intending to depart for the hill station to spend the vacation or going to your relative’s place, you must need a conveyance. Car rental is the most favorable alternative to choose for going far. No worries for changing the vehicle at the halts! No annoyance of carrying the luggage! Even, you don’t have to make the adjustment with the outsiders, as in the public transports. Basically, you will be free from many obstacles after hiring the car.

Who doesn’t want to travel in the luxury cars? Fortunately, if you are getting this chance of renting them, then there is no harm in it. Grab this opportunity and relish your trip. Moreover, renting a luxury car adds the class and style to your journey. At the same jiffy, the affordable and convenience factors are also included. This is the reason that the luxury cars are becoming more famous day-by-day.

Include the Luxury Cars in your Road Trip

No need to look

Best Beaches in Mexico

Mexico’s Best Beach Destinations


Getting There: Various American cities, including major hubs such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, are connected to Cancún by air. It is a major city in Mexico, and is connected to all other major Mexican cities.
➙ Starting off with the most Westernized, and consequently popular, of all of Mexico’s beach destinations, Cancún is one of the best beach vacation spots in the world. It has huge sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, which have kept it high in the tourism lists for so many years. Being a tourism-centered city, it offers a variety of restaurants, resorts, and shopping centers for the typical tourist, and some of the best nightlife in Mexico.

➙ Apart from the seaside entertainment, it has two notable museums: the Museo Subacuático de Arte, an eccentric underwater museum consisting of 403 life-size sculptures, and the Museo Maya de Cancún, which houses one of the best collections of Maya artifacts in Mexico.

➙ A day trip to Chichen Itza, the famous Mayan complex, is also a highly recommended and usually selected option.

Isla Mujeres

Getting There: This island is situated very close to Cancún, and can be accessed via regular ferries.

Tips Camping for Novices

Looking for an Experienced Company

Above all, you need an experienced company. Such a person can warn you of potential dangers, help you to determine the list of necessary things, and the most important, show you all the beauty of nature. An experienced company, you can find among your friends, acquaintances or search the announcement of believable campaign organization on the Internet.

Learning from Experienced Campers

Of course, you cannot always rely on anyone but yourself. You are able to visit some experienced campers or camping enthusiasts among your acquaintances and learn from them but not just follow them. Not a way is suitable for all persons. Or you can get some campaign sharing from the Internet. And you need to know clearly about your camping site and the weather. All these information you can get from the Internet.

Collecting the Backpack

Depending on the duration of the campaign, you should change the contents of your backpack.

For instance, if you are preparing for a 4 or 5 hours campaign, then you can take a small supply of water (1.5-2 liters), a couple of sandwiches, an umbrella, a flashlight, matches, a camera

Tips On Car Rentals

1. Do you really need transportation?

Are you planning on staying at a resort? Do you need a car once you arrive at the resort? You may be better off getting transportation to the resort and not renting a car.

2. Rent the vehicle only on days it’s needed

If you only plan to drive out of town for a day, only rent the car for the day rather than the entire vacation. If you’re staying in the city, generally you can rent a car from hotels for the day rather than from the airport for your entire stay.

3. Rent off the airport property

It is usually much cheaper to rent a car in town rather than the airport. The airport has additional fees that can be avoided by renting a car in town. Check with hotels in the area and find out where you can pick up a car for the day. If you rent the car at the end of your trip, plan on returning it at the airport, avoiding a transportation fee to get back to the airport.

4. Rent for a day trip and return it after

Tips Safari Tour in Africa

African safari holidays are an opportunity to view wild animals and breathtaking landscape in the continent. Tourists visit Africa so that they will experience a close encounter with the Big Five, namely the buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros. It is a rare opportunity to observe these animals in their natural environment.

Visiting a continent with various game reserves, national parks, protected wildlife, and spectacular coastline is an exciting experience. Here is the list of suggested safari destinations in Africa:

• Amboseli National Park in Kenya

It is one of the tourist destinations which presents the best safari and scenic views. You will admire the wonderful sight of Mount Kilimanjaro. This majestic mountain rises to about 5,900 meters. It is the stunning background of the huge elephant population wandering in the reserve.

• Bwindi Forest Reserve in Uganda

This is a World Heritage site and the habitat of mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. The area features spectacular landscape, steep valleys, and impressive waterfalls. It is also a home to a variety of birds such as the rare African Green Broadbill.

• Chobe National Park in Botswana

This park is situated in the

Tips Travelling to Mountains of Guyana

Mountain Ranges of Guyana

Here are five of the mountain ranges in Guyana, South America (listed alphabetically):

1. Acarai Mountains

Alternate Name: Akarai Mountains

Location: Southern part of Guyana

The Acarai Mountains are a wet, forested highland region of low mountains. This range lies laterally along shared border between Guyana and Brazil. The Essequibo River (which is the longest river in Guyana) and the Courantyne River, have their sources or headwaters in this range.

2. Eastern Tepuis

Alternate Name: Roraima-Ilú range

Location: Between the territory of Guayana Esequiba in Guyana, Venezuela and, to a small extent, Brazil

The Eastern Tepuis stretches 60 kilometers with a single major peak, the Uei-tepui.

3. Imataka Mountains

Alternate Name: None

Location: North west of Guyana and North east of Venezuela

The region in which the Imataka Mountains rise are tremendously rich in forest, water and mineral resources like iron and manganese.

4. Kanuku Mountains

Alternate Name: None

Location: The Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region

The name Kanuku means ‘forest’ in the Wapishana language which a reference to the flourishing diversity of wildlife found in this range

Tips Safety for Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing may pose some danger if done without proper supervision and professional training. No book or guide can help you to learn practical tips for your adventure journey. While climbing a peak, it is important to take your own responsibility for you will learn with experience to tackle practical problems.

When climbing a peak, you have to assume responsibility of your safety. Hence, it is better to travel with someone with more experience. It would be dangerous to climb alone as you may be incapable to handle the possible hurdles.

Following are some easy tips to avert any kind of possible mountain climbing hurdles;

Explore Your Limitations:
It is essential to explore your limitation even before you even have to start climbing. Try to know your confines and inspirations. You need to develop a balance of an awareness of your physical consciousness, mental and technical restrictions.

Listen To Your Heart:
It is most important to listen to your heart. Realize what your gut feeling says and how it can help you.

Always Choose a Group:
Mountaineering should not be done as an individual activity. You need to be in a group of

Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Mug

Buying a travel mug does seem like a breeze, doesn’t it? I mean, how complicated can it really get? It’s just a mug, after all.

True, if you look at it in a certain manner. But if you happen to be someone who treats his on-the-go morning beverage as sacrosanct, you’d want to pay close attention to what’s about to follow.

Go for steel.

Choosing a mug in the right material is something that you should prioritize. Travel mugs come in plastic or steel variants, with the latter being preferred for its numerous positives. Stainless steel is sturdier than plastic, which makes it an excellent component for a travel mug, as it can withstand all the falls and bumps it may encounter. Also, steel offers better induction than plastic, that is, it helps keep your beverage warm or cold for at least up to an hour. Another downside for plastic is that over time, it tends to absorb the smell and stains of the liquid it stores, no matter how well you clean it. Certainly, such a mug is not a welcome companion in the mornings.

Although plastic works out to be cheaper when compared to stainless steel, opting for

Top Secluded Travel Destinations

Have you ever experienced the high of being in a place, where apart from you, there is hardly anyone else? When you open your eyes, all you see is nobody? There are many places on this earth where life does not exist in abundance; it exists hidden somewhere, waiting for you to discover it. Think again, and think one more time, before you associate seclusion with romance. Yes, there are many unsullied spots that offer those in love a universe of their own. On the other hand, there are places that are so empty, they help you realize how full of life you are. And while you’re traveling through these secluded destinations, amidst all the emptiness and nothingness, there is a great chance that you will find yourself. So, are you ready to get lost?

Looks Too Difficult? Check this out!
Erik Weihenmayer of the United States of America has climbed the highest mountains on each continent. Yes, including Mount Everest! He has thus, conquered the Seven Summits successfully. What’s more? He’s blind! Yes, you read it right.

Are you geared up now to embark on a journey through the roads less traveled?

Top Secluded